Emotional Health is for Everybody

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It’s weird for a church to talk about Emotional Health. If you grew up in churches like I did, then emotional health was topic relegated to secular psychologist. There was no real use for it within the church. All you needed to do was pray and have faith and you would be magically cured. If you grew up outside the church, your response might be different. You may have assumed that spirituality not emotionality was the purpose of the church. Whatever you background, talking about emotional health inside the church may seem a little strange. But it shouldn’t be.

When Jesus was pressed to answer, “what’s the most important thing we can do?” He responded, “Love the Lord your God…” Did you catch that? “Love” Later Paul would describe this thing called “being in the Spirit of God” as “love, joy, peace,…” Don’t miss it, emotions again. Famed pastor/theologian Jonathan Edwards said that all real religion is contained with the emotions. Solomon, the ancient wisdom writer, said, “above all guard you heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Feelings play an critical role in the world of faith. After all, true Christianity deals with the whole person.

Emotional health is for everyone. It’s for me, you and your neighbor. We’re not denying the difficulty of mental illness, nor the need for medication and therapy. In fact, we’re embracing those things. At Resonate, we believe that the best way to authentically connect you to God is make sure your heart is healthy. This means getting messy. What’s messy? It’s messy when we start pulling up the unresolved pain of the past, the broken promises we’ve made to ourselves, the constant voices in our heads screaming that we’re not good enough. Sound familiar? Of course it does. At Resonate, we’re committed to being that hand you hold so that you can begin to walk the path of healing. We’re committed to teaching and practicing habits that cultivate emotional health. At Resonate, your heart matters here.

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