Same Jesus. Different Church.

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We call Resonate an Uncommon Church. So, I get the question a lot, “what makes your church different?” A lot of people ask it with genuine curiosity. Others with skepticism. For some it’s skepticism that we’re really different at all. Others are afraid that we’re too different, “too out there.” So I thought I’d clear some things up.


We believe in the same Jesus the church has preached for 2,000 years. We believe he lived, died and resurrected. We believe that God exists in Trinity, that the Bible is true in everything it teaches, and the eternal destiny of every person. You can read more about what we believe here.


But we are a different kind of church. Here are 5 distinctives that makes us different.


Everybody Belongs. You can be part of Resonate regardless of your past, present or future. We wanted our church to feel like a Jesus party, where everybody got to join in and be part. At Resonate you have a seat with us.

Questions and Doubt Lead to Faith. Even though doubt can be scary, we are convinced that the greatest spiritual break-throughs come through doubt. At Resonate we join you in your journey and make space for you to disagree, question and speak your mind.

Transformation over Conformity. We want you to be all that God wants you to be. And that’s NOT going to happen through conformity. Rather, it’s going to happen through an honest and dynamic relationship with His Spirit.

Unity with Christ is the goal. More than right belief, more than good behavior, even more than heaven- we believe that true salvation is deep and meaningful unity with the person of God. So that’s our goal: helping you have unity with Christ.

Heroic Destiny. At Resonate, we want to rally behind you and the heroic deeds God has placed on your path. From the beginning, God intended you to have life changing impact in the lives of others. And our role as a church is to make sure you don’t miss those opportunities.

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