Curious Wonder

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There’s a story in the Old Testament about a guy out looking for his sheep. He wanders through some nearby ravines and cliffs. There he stumbles upon a strange sight – a flaming shrub. He then “turns aside.” That’s a strange way to talk but the Bible does that sometimes. But the phrase captures something important – he changes his path. He’s curious. You probably know the rest of the story. His name is Moses and goes on to shape history. There’s another story about a guy who sees Jesus taking a stroll on the water. Everyone is amazed, but one guy is curious. He asks to join Jesus out on the water. Jesus says, “yes.” There’s another story about a guy who wanted to just see Jesus, when he came to town. This guy was short and a social outcast. He couldn’t get a good spot, so he climbed a tree! Can you imagine?

These guys were curious. In fact, the Bible is full of people being curious. Because faith feeds on curiosity and wonder.

This may be the big separation with Science and Religion. Religion claims that things are wondrous, but tends to discourage curiosity, examination and doubt. Science on the other hand begins with the assumption that things are wondrous, that everything has an underlying natural explanation. It then proceeds with curiosity and examination. What if we’re suppose to have both?

Curious Wonder is an invitation to poke, prod, explore, and question the parts of life and faith that bring us wonder. It’s a calling to the restless to follow their awe, because awe is godly. Curious Wonder is essential to the life of Resonate Church. We believe that faith grows stronger through exploration and examination. We believe in doing this together and with guides who can help sort through the cloud sometimes and help us see the fire.

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