Welcome Storymakers

People are walking away from church and it’s not because of Jesus.

We are looking for monthly partners to help Resonate succeed at reaching post-Christians in the suburbs of Austin, TX.

$20/ month

$50/ month

$100/ month

$500/ month

My faith and passion for Jesus’ work in my life is so strong and I am so thankful to Him for bringing you and your family into our lives.


of our folks were churchless before coming to resonate

Everytime I come another stereotype about Christianity gets thrown out the window.

Why we need money?

Even though we are a growing church, in an affluent area – our giving doesn’t reflect that. There are several reasons, the primary being that the people we’re reaching don’t trust organized religion. (I keep promising that we’re not organized.) We’re flush with new ministry opportunities, but not with cash.

Single or Monthly Donation?

We appreciate any investment you wish to make. However, monthly donations make it easier for us to budget and plan.


Theology on tap


Theology on tap

We started Resonate Church, because we believe that God is doing something new in Austin.