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Best Year Ever

Let me make a prediction. Something bad is going to happen this year. Either you’ll go through a rough time, someone or something you love will leave your life, or you’ll just meet a host of difficult people. It happened last year and it’s going to happen this year. Bad things will happen. Now here’s the good news: you know it’s going to happen. And the quality of your year won’t be all things you accomplished. Rather it’s going to…

Key of David

You’ve heard it said, “you can’t take it with you.” But what if you could? What if some of the things that happen in this life follow us into the next? You’d want to know what those things are and you may even want to make them part of your life now. Join us as we wrap up our O Come Emmanuel series talking about heaven and what gets in.

O Come Dayspring

We continue our series breaking down the lyrics behind O Come O Come Emmanuel. This week we’re discussing the 3rd verse O come thou Dayspring come and cheerOur spirits by Thy justice hereDisperse the gloomy clouds of nightAnd death’s dark shadows put to flight The term “Dayspring” refers to point on the horizon that the sun emerges. O Come Emmanuel incorporates mostly prophecy into its verses. Dayspring is not different. Dayspring is in Luke 1:78, Isaiah 9:1-2, and Matthew 4:16…