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We started Resonate Church, because we wanted a church that looks and feels like Jesus. A place where you were loved and accepted, no matter what you believed or how you behave. We wanted a place that you wanted to be yourself at. We wanted a church that would match love with guidance and teaching. A most of all, we wanted a church that brought you closer to God and others.


Questions about faith or Resonate? Find some answers here. 

The Bible Project

If you like the Bible and clever cartoons, this is for you. A couple of Bible nerds got together and produced some incredible Youtube videos that make the Bible easier. 


Stories, reflections, sermon notes, and more. Visit our blog to learn a little more about Resonate. 

Worship Services

Sundays, 10am
12200 Meridian Park Blvd
Austin, TX 78739

Resonate Church Austin

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