New Home

New Home

The Vision for Resonate has never changed

We wanted to be a church unchurched people love. Where absolutely anyone would feel welcomed and accepted. And everyone would find help in their journey with God. We wanted to be a community that brings love, joy and hope into the world and a church that the community loves to have around.

Prior to COVID we had no plans to leave Baldwin. But the uncertianity surrounding schools and a 25% increase in rent, have led us to look elsewhere.

We think we found our new home!

A 5,000 sqft. building that once housed a church, provides the perfect place for Resonate to grow, minister, and evolve.

Below you’ll find pictures of the building as is, some sketches into what it can look like, and an inspiration gallery.

Building Today


Inspiration Gallery

The Financials

Startup costs are estimated to be $60,000

Seed money will cover the down payment,
pay for minor renovations, purchase furniture,
an A/C and to hopefully even build a playscape.
What a dream!

We are planning for $12k in monthly expenses

This includes the increased facilities costs, as well as
ministry and administration costs. Resonate is
committed to thoughtful and wise spending

Why this makes sense (and cents)

Last year at Baldwin we paid:
$575/ week for 50 weeks a year = $28,750

Prior to COVID we were planning on expanding our Elementary program, an additional cost of $300/ week (to rent the library). This would have increased our weekly rent to $875 and yearly $43,750. In July, AISD informed us that there would be a 25% increase in the rates to account for additional cleaning. This brings the weekly total to $1095 and the yearly to $54,700. (Note: these numbers are for 50 weeks/ year and no Good Friday or Christmas Eve service)

While the deal hasn’t been inked, we are anticipating a $73,000/ year hard cap for the new space. (The actually yearly will likely be closer to $64,000, but nothing is signed.) That includes us having the space 52 weeks a year and Christmas Eve and Good Friday. Not to mention additional programs such as Mother’s Day Out, student ministry, and mid-week offerings. In short, we will be able to do a lot more for not much more.