Meet Nick

Meet Nick

Nick and Kathryn are college sweethearts and native Texans. Despite different upbringings, it was in high school that faith came alive for both. They met in Crusade at Southwest Texas, later Texas State. We’d like to say that things took off after they met, but it took Nick a while to figure things out. Once he did though, he never left her side. They married a week after graduation and headed off to Dallas for seminary. Nick has been doing student ministry for the past 15 years, at three different churches. During this time he has seen the impact that healthy churches have in the lives of people. Healthy and creative churches have become his passion. 

Nick, Kathryn and Elyse (4)

Towards the end of 2015, Nick and Kathryn felt God nudging them to return to Texas and pursue church leadership. After months of prayer and advice seeking, they returned to Dallas to finish up seminary and enjoy some sabbatical renewal. Here they discovered new passion and rediscovered old ones. One of these new passions was church planting. While exploring an opportunity in New Braunfels, both Nick and Kathryn felt a special, almost miraculous, call to Austin. Nick’s hometown, Austin has always remained a part of his heart. Over the next few weeks, they sought the Lord and counsel on this calling. In March of 2017, the Vuicich’s concluded that God was inviting them to start a church in the unchurched corner of Southwest Austin. 

           Kathryn and Nick have been married for 15 years. In 2015, after several years of trying, they welcomed their daughter, Elyse, into the world. This family of three loves adventure, outdoors, Crossfit and couch time. During the football season, you’ll find them rooting on the Texas Longhorns and love/hating the Cowboys.