Small Groups

Small Groups

Great news, small groups are returning in 2021

Starting in January we’re bringing groups back to Resonate. The details are still being sorted, but here’s what we know. There will be both an in-person (socially distanced) option and an online group as well.

Each group makes an initial commitment to meet weekly or bi-weekly for three months. After that, the group leaders and participants with the support of our staff to discern what’s next.


·     It’s normal to be nervous, but our people are friendly and know what it’s like to be new.

·     Most people bring an appetizer and a bottle of wine. You’re never under any pressure to, (especially if you’re coming straight from work).

·     We start eating about 20 mins in.

·     If the group has kids, there will be a babysitter to help watch the kids.

·     Discussion lasts 40-50.

·     We end taking prayer requests and one person closes in prayer.