Resonate Communities

Resonate Communities

Church means ‘people’

Too often we fall into the trap thinking that church is a place we go or a thing we do on Sunday. But the truth is so much better than that. In the Bible, the word church literally means ‘the gathered people.’ Early Christianity didn’t have buildings, didn’t have coffee, and didn’t have relevant life changing sermons. But it did have people. And people make the difference.

Americans are among the loneliest people in the world. Despite busy lives, congested freeways, and thousands of Facebook friends – most people (up to 80%) say that they feel alone at least once a week.

Do you see where we’re going?

People are lonely and church means ‘the gathered people’. At Resonate, we believe that church happens when we gather, no matter where and no matter how.

Small Groups

These are groups that meet in homes, to eat, share and pray together. Our groups typically focus their sharing around a scripture, a recent sermon, or a question about spiritual life. To make room for our busy lives, Small Groups meet seasonally for 6-8 weeks at a time.

This Semester we have two great groups

The Steele/ Martin Clan

Wednesday Nights 6-8pm

Belterra Area

The Warren/ Vuicich Group

Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30pm

Arrowhead and Belterra

This semester we’re studying: Short Stories by Jesus

We’re taking a look at some of the parables that Jesus told and exploring the impact these stories can have in our own lives.

Ladies Night

Everyone needs their people and Resonate Ladies Night provides a place for women to gather without the stress of family to connect, recharge and encourage each other. There is no agenda and wine is welcome. So come, join the ladies of Resonate as we cheer each other on.

Resonate Ladies Night meets the 2nd Thursday of every month

Whiskey Church

Once a month, some of the men of Resonate gather up at the building for an evening open and honest conversation around the intersection of life and faith. And we drink whiskey while we do it. The purpose of Whiskey Church is to give people a safe place to explore some of the deeper and more probing questions of faith and doubt.

Whiskey Church meets the 4th Thursday of every month


·     It’s normal to be nervous, but our people are friendly and know what it’s like to be new.

·     Most people bring an appetizer and a bottle of wine. You’re never under any pressure to, (especially if you’re coming straight from work).

·     We start eating about 20 mins in.

·     If the group has kids, there will be a babysitter to help watch the kids.

·     Discussion lasts 40-50.

·     We end taking prayer requests and one person closes in prayer.