Food Relief – COVID

Food Relief – COVID

Like you, I am feeling the exhaustion of being cooped up. Also like you I am thankful that my family and most of the people I love are safe. It is in the context that I saw a friend’s post which simply said,

Our Lifeworkx partners in Africa are telling us they might die from starvation rather than COVID-19.

The global pandemic has led to a global lockdown. In countries that lack a social safety net, this means millions of working class people facing starvation.

Food is available, but finances are not.

My friend, Nate Huntley, works with an organization called Lifeworkx that focuses on the spiritual and emotional healthy of missionaries and aid workers worldwide. Through his direct connection he is able to get money into areas that larger NGO would not and quickly. Nate and his team are able to to turn donations into food in a matter of hours, not weeks.

It costs $10 per month to feed someone.

We are inviting you to partner with Resonate in providing food to 200 people for next month. We have set up a fund to match all donation to get us to this point

Interview with Nate concerning COVID starvation