Back to School Blessing

School is just around the corner! As families get back in the groove, kids pick out first day outfits, parents pull the rest of their hair out – it’s a good time to pause a give a blessing.

A blessing in its most simplest form is a just your hopes and wishes for someone. If attend our church, you know that we are all agents of blessing – peace building – in the world. And that God has put in all of us, his power to bless others.

This short little blessing is something to say over your kids and to your kids as they head off to a new year. It may be a little awkward at first, but I promise you it’s worth and they’ll appreciate, even if they’re too cool to let you know.

Back to School Blessing

You are our child,
The one in whom our souls delight.

May you grow in strength, goodness, and love.
May you gain knowledge, wisdom, and curiosity.
May you know that your heart matters – to us, God and your friends.

When your days are hard, may you have hope.
When people are mean, may you have friends.
When you misbehave, may you remember that God made you special and loves you very much.

We send you out to build peace, conquer mountains, and ignite joy.
We send you out to explore the world and come back wiser.

You are our child,
The one in whom our souls delight.
We will never stop loving you.
And wherever you go, God’s love follows.

God without Guns


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