The vision of Resonate Austin is to be a church that looks like Jesus. Here’s what we mean. 

Here’s what we mean. 


We believe in the radical love and acceptance of Jesus. That his insistence that who you are matters more than what you’ve done is the hope of the Gospel. At Resonate our desire is to demonstrate and share this overwhelming love to everyone. You’re invited to come as you are. There’s no need to put on a mask, dress up your soul, or even sober up. We believe that love is the soil of life change and we hope you join us. 


We’re not afraid of doubt or skepticism. In fact, we have plenty of our own. No matter what you think or believe, you’re welcomed here. You, your opinions, your objections, your disbelief, and disagreement are welcome and wanted here. We get it, a lot about the Bible, God, Jesus, and Christianity are hard to believe sometimes. But faith isn’t having it figured out. Nor is faith, burying your head in the sand. Faith is living when you don’t have it all figured out, when things don’t make sense. We believe that doubt is the springboard of faith. So bring your questions. Bring your doubts. We have space to give. 


We want to be a place of contagious hope and frequent healing. “Life breaks everyone,” Hemingway said. “I heal the broken,” Jesus said. We believe that the church should top the list of places you should turn to. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for a lot of people. At Resonate, we want to be a place that heals, not wounds and gives hope not fear. We’re a place that says “sorry”, “me too”, and “ouch”. Your story and your pain matter here. We’re familiar with grief. We’re also familiar with grace. And as much as we’re present in the dark night, we’re also aware of dawn. And we’ll be here for both. 


We want to go deeper. Deeper into faith, deeper into relationships. Deeper into purpose. And deeper into the Spirit of God. The promise of the Gospel is that the full riches of divine presence are ours. Through authentic relationships, spiritual practices, and skillful teaching, we believe that Resonate can take your God experience into new and fresh places. 


We don’t believe that the church exists for itself. Or that the church exists for christians. We believe that the church exists for the world and that Resonate exists for Austin. This means pouring resources and love back into our community. Asking the community what it needs, instead of telling them. It means stepping out of Christian circles to be good news to everyone. 


We want to be practical about our vision. We see building a church like building a song. You have the melodies, the harmonies, and the bass. 

The Melodies.

At Resonate the melodies are our Sunday morning experience. If this is all you ever get, you’ll get the song. Sunday morning is the anchor or core of our church. It is here that we talk about faith as a way of living, instead of a way of knowing. Sundays are also when we gather for worship (experiencing God) and practice communion (spiritual formation.) This is also a place to make friends, which leads us to the harmonies.

The Harmonies

The harmonies are your relationships. But not just the casual ones, but those that go beneath the surface. These types of friends help us go into the dark places and they light candles for us. They give us hope. They spread grace. We call them the harmonies because they resonate with the melody. They aren’t different, but they’re not the same. You’ll find these relationships in our small groups (Dinner Church) and one on one. 

The Bass 

Musically, it’s the bass that grounds us. It lets us know when to clap, helps us feel the music and fills the room with sound. Simply, it makes the music more real. The same is true at Resonate. The bass are the things we do that help our faith fill the room. These include spiritual practices (like Bible reading, Examen, and others) as well as corporate practices like Lent and Advent. In all these the goal is simple. We want to tune it and amplify the presence of God in our hearts, minds, lives, and the world.