We are an uncommon church helping normal people have the spiritual life they’ve always wanted.

We started Resonate Church, because we wanted a church that looks and feels like Jesus. A place where you were loved and accepted, no matter what you believed or how you behave. We wanted a place that you wanted to be yourself at. We wanted a church that would match love with guidance and teaching. And most of all, we wanted a church that brought you closer to God and others.

What makes us UNCOMMON

we’re doubt friendly

Everybody has doubts and this is a good thing. Even though doubting can be uncomfortable and even painful – it’s part of life and it is part of faith. Throughout the Bible, we see person after person having their doubts and misgivings about this God who was calling out to them. But here is the great part – these doubts, like ours, are opportunities for faith to grow, expand and evolve. Here at Resonate we make room for your doubts. We even jump into doubt with you. Not to rescue you, but to join you on your faith journey. So dust off those questions, read people who challenge your beliefs and join a church that helping each other live a life without all the answers. Faith isn’t seeing, it’s confidence in the darkness. 2 Cor. 5:7

Belong before you believe

We believe that everybody is already on a spiritual journey and that our job is to be companions, guides, lights, friends, even sherpas on your journey. This means that wherever you are on the faith spectrum you belong here. We don’t have a group of beliefs that you have to agree to be part of Resonate. Actually, we appreciate open and honest conversations about life, religion, behavior, and science. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have central beliefs, of course we do – we’re a church. (You can read more about those here.) What it means is that even if you never agree you can still be part of Resonate. We are convinced that God is not waiting for you to believe before he starts loving you. So, we’re not going to wait either.

Your heart matters here

“How’s your heart?” is a question you’ll here a lot around here. For some, it’s a little too sentimental, but for us it’s vital. The word ‘heart’ appears 852 times in the Bible. It is the source of both our deepest joy and greatest pain. The heart is the true place that faith resides, as does sin. We’re called to love God with our whole heart (our neighbors also.) At Resonate we disciple the whole heart. Your ouch, shame, regret, pain, and heartbreak belongs here. As does all of your joy, hope, dreams, and laughter. This isn’t a place for masks or faking it. Nobody has time for that. We’re about helping you recover your whole heart, so that you may have the pleasure of truly and deeply loving the people that matter, the world around us, and God himself.

we believe God has big plans for you

There is more in your heart than just saving for retirement. You want to change the world. You know you were meant for more than ski vacations and 4 day weekends. God has put in your heart a heroic longing. If it’s building someone a house or becoming the listener you always knew your were, God has a destiny for you. We want to help you find it and help you make it a reality.

Where we’re heading

Resonate is just getting started. It’s great and it’s only going to get better. Over the next 12 months, we look forward to adding more groups and ministries. But mostly we look forward to seeing everyone who calls Resonate home have the spiritual life they always wanted. Join us Sunday to learn more about us and how we’re uncommon.