A New Kind of Church

A New Kind of Church

We wanted to create a church unchurched people love. Where absolutely anyone would feel welcomed and accepted. And everyone would find help in their journey with God. A church that the community loves to have around.

Love is the goal

In his letter to Timothy, Paul makes it clear – “the goal of our faith is love.” Everything we do is about helping you experience love and give love – so that you can have a love based life. Things we’re not into: behavior management, judging people, getting rich, preaching fear, excluding people, getting it right, voting a certain way, playing it safe, manipulating your feelings, or creating a Christian sub-culture. We’re into Love.

We’re not concerned if you’re in or out. We want you to follow Jesus

Most churches want to make sure you believe the right thing and they spend a lot of time making sure you do. We want you to believe the right thing also, but more importantly, we want you to follow Jesus. The disciples followed before they believed. We expect you have doubts, fears, and uncertainties. So do we. It’s in following that we learn to believe. Not the other way around. At Resonate we spend our time helping you follow Jesus in your world, your relationships, your workplace and beyond.

We’re Missional

“Missional” is a fancy way for us to say: our focus is outward not inward; we’re not trying to get bigger- we’re trying to do more good. There are group of churches around the world that are missional churches (fewer that 1%). Missional churches believe that God is creating heaven on earth and it is the church’s job to lead the effort. God has given each of the chance to turn our lives into a mission. We want to help you do that.

We believe that doubt leads to faith

Everybody has doubts and this is a good thing. Even though doubting can be uncomfortable and even painful – it’s part of life and it is part of faith. Throughout the Bible, we see person after person having their doubts and misgivings about this God who was calling out to them. But here is the great part – these doubts, like ours, are opportunities for faith to grow, expand and evolve. Here at Resonate we make room for your doubts. We even jump into doubt with you. Not to rescue you, but to join you on your faith journey. So dust off those questions, read people who challenge your beliefs and join a church that helping each other live a life without all the answers. Faith isn’t seeing, it’s confidence in the darkness. 2 Cor. 5:7