According to John

At the end of his life, one of Jesus’ best friends sat down to write everything he knew and believed about his best friend. This became the book we know as the Gospel of John. For the month of May we are taking a look at the what John hoped we know about, learn from, and believe about his friend Jesus.

  • Where does change come from?
  • Your past has a future.
  • An introduction to life.
  • Falling down is just the beginning

Even the Dude Abides

Shortly before being betrayed Jesus stopped for one last lesson with the disciples. His message – abide in me. These words have inspired and confused millions over the years. Here we unpack the beauty and mystery in the invitation to make our souls at home with the Divine. NOTE: the audio on this recording is rough at the beginning. stick with it or skip ahead.

Blessed are those who Doubt

Have you ever gotten in trouble for asking the tough questions? Have you ever had to leave a group because your beliefs didn’t line up? Doubt is uncomfortable, but it’s healthy. Despite what you may have heard, doubt is actually the catalyst of faith not the enemy. NOTE: the audio on this recording is rough at the beginning. skip ahead or stay with it. it gets better. new equipment has been ordered.

Change, Healing and Power

Do you remember the first time you prayed for someone to get better? Did it work? For a lot of us we struggle to make sense of why God heals some people and not others. Maybe you remain hopeful or maybe you’ve turned into a skeptic. Wherever you’re at, healing remains at the center of the message of Jesus. In this sermon we try to unraveling the confusion around healing and how it can become a reality in our own…