Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth


For a lot of folks the focus of faith is “how do I get in?” This might be getting into the church or it might be getting into the right group. For a lot of people it’s about getting into heaven. At Resonate we take a different approach. The question is not about getting in, instead it’s about being in; or just being. This subtle shift allows us to focus less on convincing people and more on training, preparing, nurturing and supporting you in your spiritual journey. 


Having more Shalom (or peace) and less anxiety

Experiencing the real presence of God

Becoming a more loving and contributing person in the world


We approach spiritual growth through the whole person. Heart, mind, soul, and body are all places that spiritual growth takes place.


For our purposes, when we talk about the heart we’re talking about your emotional core. Your feelings, but more than that. Your heart is the place you make all your decisions, feel things most deeply, experience joy or despair. There are some churches that have demonized the heart, saying that it can’t be trusted or that’s where evil comes from. While it’s true that our hearts can deceive us, they’re the place life springs out of, how we’re suppose to love God, even where we’re promised to find him.  At Resonate we help you grow by engaging, healing, and shaping your heart to look and feel more like God’s.


For many of us faith seems impossible because it requires us to stop believing in what science and reason have taught us. Instead we’re suppose to believe fantasy stories written thousands of years ago by people who thought the earth was flat. But this isn’t real faith. Prior to the 1800s, Christianity was at the forefront of every major technological, philosophical and artistic breakthrough. This is because faith teaches us to embrace and explore Creation. We want to return to that place. This means learning about the Bible and it’s historical setting. It also means making amends with science and taking seriously the objections it raises. At Resonate, we create space for this to happen. We celebrate doubt and skepticism, because these are the springboards of faith, not the enemies.


What can I say about the soul? It’s the immaterial part of us that gets lots of attention sometimes and is completely written off other times. The soul, or spirit, is the part of you that is your being and consciousness. You feel it most when you are connected to greater things, like family, music, a moment, and of course God. Sometimes it feels warm and tingly. Other times it’s a sense of profound rightness. Identifying, engaging, and connecting the soul is a skill that you can learn and we’re eager to help you with. It comes more naturally for some, but everybody can do it. And we have a variety of ways to teach you. At Resonate our goal is to help you find your soul and like a seed, plant it into the Spirit of God.


Our bodies are spiritual. More and more we think of our bodies as mere vessels or containers for our real selves. Thoughts of heaven, the internet, and self books have conditioned to do this. The Bible doesn’t think this way. According to Jesus, everything is spiritual- especially our bodies. And it is through our bodies and connection to our bodies that we experience the most profound spiritual growth. Things like sharing a meal, taking communion, hugging a stranger are physical things that shape us. At Resonate, we embrace an embodied faith. This means engaging in things like mission trips, grounding actions, engaging in liturgy.