Doubt Friendly

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There’s this story about Jesus and a woman that always stands out to me. Jesus is making his way through town when a foreigner shows up with request, heal her son. This may sounds strange to us, but Jesus is initially reluctant. (We can go into why another time- or google it.) In the midst of his reluctant the woman shows faith is Christ’s ability to heal her boy. Jesus agrees and then we get this incredible quote, “I believe, help my unbelief.” Wait, what just happened? You believe, but you don’t? Is this high school? I think our girl is teaching us something profound about faith – it’s never complete.

When I first showed up to seminary (pastor school) I had an expectation that I had finally come to the place of answers. There in the hallowed halls I would receive the knowledge I’d been lacking and finally I would have any of these nagging doubts about Jesus, the Bible or the nature of reality. Instead I would have a crystal clear understanding of faith. (You see where this is going, right?) Instead of answers I got more questions. Things that were clear became fuzzy. My mind was spinning. I’d come home and just dump all the crazy thoughts I was thinking. It was freeing. It was terrifying.

The story about Jesus and the woman gives me hope- hope that I don’t have to have it all figured out. That God understands doubt. In fact, it is rare that God condemns doubt in the Bible. Most of the time it’s rewarded with a deeper connection with God. Could it be that the people who ask the best questions are the most ready to connect deeply with God. What if every question is actually a door? What if every doubter is a pilgrim? What if a church embraced your doubts and embraced you as you doubted? We think there might something to that here at Resonate.

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