a new kind of church

a new kind of church

What is a new kind of church?

We haven’t changed what we believe. We changed how we approach belief. For a lot of churches, faith or belief is an important line that you have to cross. It determines who is in and who is out.

At Resonate, we believe that faith is not a line you cross, but a line you follow.

Think about it, you see a line on a map. Is it a boundary or is in a path? We thing that faith is a path, not a boundary. And instead of trying to figure out who’s in and who’s out – we see everyone on a journey. Some are moving fast, some slow, others backwards, a few just standing still. Wherever you are, whoever you are we believe that we’re on this path together. We want you to journey with us.

what’s new about us

we believe doubt is an opportunity

Everybody has doubts and this is a good thing. Even though doubting can be uncomfortable and even painful – it’s part of life and it is part of faith. Throughout the Bible, we see person after person having their doubts and misgivings about this God who was calling out to them. But here is the great part – these doubts, like ours, are opportunities for faith to grow, expand and evolve. Here at Resonate we make room for your doubts. We even jump into doubt with you. Not to rescue you, but to join you on your faith journey. So dust off those questions, read people who challenge your beliefs and join a church that helping each other live a life without all the answers. Faith isn’t seeing, it’s confidence in the darkness. 2 Cor. 5:7

we approach the bible with faith and science

If you grew up in the South, chances are you learned that faith and science don’t mix. That’s unfortunate because science shines a light on what faith has been talking about since the beginning. Of course, there are unscientific parts of the Bible. Because science wasn’t invented till the 1500s, by Christians wanting to understand what they already believed through faith.

At Resonate use both our scientific and faith minds to read, explore, apply, and understand the Bible.

God wants to change your heart, not your behavior

What if God cared more about who you ARE and less about about what you DO? This was the message of Jesus and it rocked everyone’s world. The purpose of the church was to teach, remind, and help people live into the reality that God loves you and there is nothing you can do about it!

At Resonate, we focus far more on your heart and connecting to God and others than we do on behavior. Does behavior matter? Of course, but behavioral change without heart change always leads to hypocrisy.

we are changing the way we do missions

There is more in your heart than just saving for retirement. You want to change the world. You know you were meant for more than ski vacations and 4 day weekends. God has put in your heart a heroic longing. If it’s building someone a house or becoming the listener you always knew your were, God has a destiny for you. We want to help you find it and help you make it a reality.

At Resonate, we help you discover your God-given destiny to change the world. And we help you fulfill it. Instead of church led mission efforts (we have those), our goal is to have member led missional efforts – that Resonate supports, rallies behind, and celebrates. Imagine us as your Yoda for what God wants to do through you.

Where we’re heading

People often and kindly ask – ‘what kind of church do you want to be?’ And our answer is “a new kind.” This doesn’t mean we don’t have a plan, but we are trying to do something different and that’s exciting (and a little scary). Over the next 12 months, here’s what you can expect:

  • Resonate will continue to be a judgment free place to explore faith and heal from hurt.
  • Resonate will help you know and experience God in new and creative ways.
  • We will launch new and innovative missional efforts to make our community and world look more like heaven.
  • We’ll be innovators (trans. we’ll do other cool stuff we haven’t thought of yet.)