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Sunday Worship

We’re so glad you’re going to join us. Our services run about an hour long and provide an opportunity to connect with God through heartfelt worship and creative preaching. Surviving the Holidays It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most stressful. Join us as we spend the next 4 weeks sharing tips and strategies on how to survive and thrive during this season. What is worship like? When it comes to worship, we…

Christmas Potluck

Let’s Eat!Our last service of the year, will be a Christmas Potluck at the Vuicich’s house. We’ll eat together, share moments of joy, sing carols, and hear the story of Christmas. Bring your loved ones as we come together to celebrate!  More details to follow…. Resonate will be providing the Main Course, turkey and the ham.

First Lunch

Once a month the folks of Resonate get together for an after church meal. it gives us a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Carb-load and CostCo after church? For December’s First Lunch we’re meeting up at Mandola’s Italian Kitchen, December 1st. Bring your friends and join us! Right after service we’ll pack up and head over. Expect us around noon.

Church Blog

Back to School Blessing

School is just around the corner! As families get back in the groove, kids pick out first day outfits, parents pull the rest of their hair out – it’s a good time to pause a give a blessing. A blessing in its most simplest form is a just your hopes and wishes for someone. If attend our church, you know that we are all agents of blessing – peace building – in the world. And that God has put in…

God without Guns

The shootings this weekend caught me flat footed. I went to bed sadden by the loss of life in El Paso and woke up to what I thought was a typo. Another shooting? Within 24hrs? It felt like the second plane hitting the Twin Towers. If felt like terrorism. What followed was the predictable script. Ample news coverage to boost ratings, sympathetic posts on Facebook, click bait, the misguided attempt to soften the blow by turning it political. My heart…

I’m New Here

We welcome you to visit this Sunday…

“I love our church. What we believe in, how we read the stories from the Bible and listen to God’s word is what I’ve always wanted in a spiritual community and didn’t think existed.”

“I didn’t really know what love was until I came here and started talking about God’s love.”

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